Manufacturers come out with new models and type of refrigerators every year and the most reliable company in the past might be just average today or even poor quality. Also, every company will have good models and bad models so instead of focusing on which manufacturer to buy from, it's better to look at specific refrigerator models instead but make sure that you would choose the models with good reviews. You can check reviews on any models of the refrigerators on amazon, google and etc. Of course, best selling doesn't always mean best quality or most reliable. It usually means best reasonable price but what's important are the reviews. You'll see some random manufacturers but see what others have to say about the specific models.


When buying a fridge, there are several types to choose from:

Top Freezer - Least expensive and has the most storage relative to their size.

Bottom Freezer - Freezer is on the bottom and fridge usually has 2 doors.

French Door (style) - Also a bottom freezer but usually has 3-4 doors.

Side by Side - Good for narrow kitchens but aren't efficient in terms of space compared to the other types.

Compact - Small and made for saving space. Usually inexpensive but doesn't have much storage space.

A big factor that determines the quality of a refrigerator is how consistent it keeps the temperature. Another thing to consider is how much energy it takes. The more it takes, the more your electricity bill will be. Now even if you have a good refrigerator, you need to take care of it. Well maintain fridge will last longer, please do regularly condenser coils cleaning and defrosting the fridge when it is needed.

Of the manufacturers out there, Whirlpool, GE and Frigidaire are you best options as far a quality versus price but again, like most companies, they also have poorly made models. So choose based on the reviews and ratings of specific refrigerator models instead. If you want a cool looking fridge and can drop several grand, maybe get a Sub-Zero fridge.

Repair All major Appliance brands

Here is the list in order from most reliable to the least one, from one of the experienced technicians.

1. Whirlpool (Whirlpool owns Maytag, Amana, Kitchen Aid, Roper, and some Kenmore's are built by Whirlpool.)

2. Frigidaire (Frigidaire owns, or rather is owned by Electrolux, and builds some Kenmore's.)

3. Bosch (Best known for their dishwashers, but has moved into refrigerators and stoves. Used to be excellent quality, but has fallen far in the past few years)

4. GE (Also known as Hotpoint. GE employees are given deep discounts for purchasing GE machines, and many still refuse to buy them)

5. LG (If they make cell phones and all other electronics, you probably don't want their appliances since it is not their main focus. Some Kenmore's are built by LG.)

6. Samsung (The Samsung suffers from many issues but the most common is ice buildup in the ducts on the fridge side, if you search Google or YouTube for Samsung refrigerator problems.)

7. Haier, Deawoo, and all the others you never heard of: Disposable. I wouldn't put one of those in my home if you gave it to me.

If money is no object, get a Sub-Zero and keep the coils clean. You'll be very happy. But don't expect it to last longer. Sub-Zeroes have a habit of losing their gas. So plan on a $500-$1000 repair every ten years.

Please pay attention on the following things when you consider to buy a new refrigerator:

1. Refrigerators with ice makers tend to have more repair problems that refrigerators without an ice maker.

2. Refrigerators with the freezer at the bottom are more likely to need repair than top freezer refrigerators.

3. Bottom freezer refrigerators of all brands with an ice dispenser are more likely to have problems than bottom freezer refrigerators that do not have an ice dispenser.

4. Side-by-Side refrigerators are the most popular models but also the most likely to have repair problems.

5. Kenmore refrigerators are produced by many manufacturers such as Whirlpool, GE, LG, Frigidaire, others. Depending on who manufactures the Kenmore refrigerator you purchase will have a great deal to do with how likely your new refrigerator will need repair.

6. Most new Maytag and Amana Refrigerators are built by Whirlpool but may have a few minor cosmetic differences such as shelving quality and orientation.


We hope that this article will help you to make a right decision.

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